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Social Selling 103 for Canadian Financial Advisors:

How to become an expert in your niche and next steps in sales enablement.


Now that you've developed a strong foundation and have learned the proper etiquette for making new connections, this Social Selling 103 - Advanced Level - is designed to ladder up to a complete strategy.

In this Advanced 103 module, we will be focusing on how you can become an expert in your niche and the next steps in sales enablement.

We will cover:

  • How to build a content strategy to get organized with what to post and when to share status updates.
  • How to develop a content calendar.
  • Ways to deepen relationships by tailoring your messaging
  • How to track your success.

This Advanced level will help you to deepen and nurture relationships in a meaningful way.

Each module includes an easy-to-follow video and a downloadable worksheet, along with cut & paste copy that will help to take all the guess work out of how to get started and what to do next.

PLUS...you'll also receive:
->  Unlimited 24/7 access to the online module.
-> Free updates (when changes have been made)
-> Quality support

Risk-free, 60-day money-back guarantee** (See terms & conditions)


You can purchase each module individually, or purchase the entire program at once.

How to identify your audience and build your online presence. 

  • What is Social Selling and why it's essential if you're a Financial Advisor.
  • Steps to audit your digital footprint.
  • The key areas you need to complete on LinkedIn to obtain 40x more opportunities (according to LinkedIn).
  • How to identify your ideal persona.
  • How to purge/delete connections.

How to make new connections and foster relationships. 

  • How to make new connections, build your audience and develop new relationships with quality professionals. 
  • How to use LinkedIn as a resource to find potential new connections.
  • How to stay top-of-mind with your audience so you extend the reach of your brand.

How to showcase yourself as an expert in your niche by publishing quality content.

  • Why building a content strategy is important (hint: it saves time) 
  • The key steps to build a content calendar.
  • Best practices for posting content including how to elicit engagement and the optimal dates/time to post.
  • How to tailor the content to each prospect and client's life stage.
  • Ways to track your success.

Each video module is less than 45-minutes in length and includes worksheets to make sure the lessons are both actionable and implementable.

This program will help you to extend your brand so you can build the right audience and enable you to build yourself as a though leader so you can be the go-to expert in your niche.

PLUS...you'll also receive:

->  Unlimited access to the content.

-> Free updates (when changes have been made)

-> Quality support

Risk-free, 60-day money-back guarantee** (See terms & conditions)